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Mumbai Rajshree Star Line Result
09:30AM 128-1 03:30 PM 660-2
10:30AM 125-8 04:30 PM 567-8
11:30AM 148-3 05:30 PM 288-8
12:30PM 378-8 06:30 PM 890-7
01:30PM 118-0 07:30 PM 570-2
02:30PM 149-4 08:30 PM 119-1
Astrology Weekly Patti Or Penal Chart From 01-07-2019 To 07-07-2019 For Kalyan Milan Main Rajdhani Time, Nilkamal Matka Market
1=>678 245 489 128 399
2=>345 589 129 688 200
3=>238 490 689 120 779
4=>130 590 789 248 239
5=>168 249 348 780 366
6=>169 268 457 790 240
7=>124 269 359 458 890
8=>260 369 125 567 990
9=>234 450 568 289 126
0=>460 578 145 235 127

Astrology Weekly Line Open Or Close From 01-07-2019 To 07-07-2019 For Kalyan Milan Main Rajdhani Time, Nilkamal Matka Market
Mon. 1-6-4-9
Tue. 2-7-5-0
Wed. 3-8-4-9
Thu. 2-7-4-9
Fri. 3-8-5-0
Sat. 2-7-5-0
Sun. 2-7-4-9

Astrology Weekly Jodi Chart From 01-07-2019 To 07-07-2019 For Kalyan Milan Main Rajdhani Time, Nilkamal Matka Market

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Jodi Chart




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